About Us:

Shenzhen Thankshome Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech company focusing on the research and development of Internet of Things lighting (IoT), changes the way people interact with lighting by creating unprecedented personalized and customized smart product experience.

Founded in 2016, Thankshome has been committed to making life smarter, providing personalized and interesting life experiences through continuous innovation in ambient lights and home appliances.

The original intention of the company: Play with N possibilities of lighting,The company's vision: Everyone is a lighting designer, create a comfortable lighting environment from scratch, and design the shape, color, brightness, and space of the lighting individually.

Thankshome modular lighting, Lego-style splicing + building block stacking + intelligent personalized product combination, educational lighting technology realizes the product combination of hardware, software, and platform, and realizes personalized needs. Modular lighting changes the way of lighting lighting.

Relying on the demanding design and intelligent solutions, we try to use methods and products that the existing lighting industry has never touched, push personalized lighting to the extreme, continue to build our ecosystem, and strive to provide better lighting in all scenarios consumer experience.

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