Four support 四大支持
Low investment, high profit, fast payback, no worries Lamps not only bring light to the home, but also bring a more warm home life, so when choosing a brand to join,
you must choose a company with greater strength. This is conducive to grasping the cutting-edge lighting products at any time, so as to keep up with the lighting of the times.


Regional management

Designated areas enjoy independent management rights to protect the interests of franchised dealers


Opening guidance

Management team Store location selection, investment budget, decoration construction, etc.


Publicity support

All-round advertising, advertising marketing to improve sales conversion


Actual promotion

Provide various forms of promotion support to help franchised dealers reduce operating pressure

Affiliate outlets
Merchants join
Join conditions
1. Franchisees must agree with the corporate culture and have a long-term desire for common progress and development with the company;

2. Have the ability to bear civil liability independently;

3. Have a good business reputation and be able to coordinate related issues and relationships between markets and channels.

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