2023 LED lighting market outlook: diversified development of road, vehicle, metaverse, etc. . . .

2023-02-16 14:34

At the beginning of 2023, many cities in Italy will replace street lamps and other night lighting, and replace traditional sodium lamps with energy-efficient light sources such as LEDs. It can be seen that energy-saving products are accelerating the replacement speed in Italian cities.


According to the World Journal, the Bangkok Municipal Government has recently accelerated the repair of lampposts and replaced the original street lamps with LED lamps. One of the 2023 emergency policies formulated by the Mayor of Bangkok is to fix the lighting problem of local street lights. The Bangkok Municipal Government has a project to replace about 25,000 high-pressure sodium lamps that have been used for 2 years and consume a lot of energy with LED lamps. At present, tens of thousands of all 400,000 lamps managed by the Bangkok Municipal Government have not turned on. The Bangkok Metropolitan Government's engineering office is rushing into action, aiming to complete the work this month.

This is the performance of foreign countries at the beginning of 2023. In fact, because of its superior performance and environmental protection and energy saving characteristics, LED once showed an offensive to replace the traditional one.


(1) According to foreign media reports, California passed the AB-2208 Act, which stipulates that on or after January 1, 2024, screw base or bayonet base compact fluorescent lamps or For final sale as a new manufacture product; on or after January 1, 2025, pin base compact fluorescent lamps, linear fluorescent lamps will not be offered, or for final sale as a new manufacture product.

(2) According to the British government's climate change plan, it is decided to completely ban the sale of halogen bulbs from September. LED bulbs are a more energy-efficient alternative. To help people choose the most efficient light bulbs, the energy labels consumers see on light bulb packaging are changing, with the A+, A++ and A+++ ratings now being abandoned and energy efficiency ratings ranging from A to G, with the most efficient bulbs are given an A rating. UK Energy Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan said they were phasing out old, inefficient halogen bulbs so they could switch to longer-lived LED bulbs more quickly, meaning less waste and a brighter, cleaner future for the UK.

in China:

From June 2022, Shanghai, my country, will vigorously promote energy-saving renovation of road signs, and plans to replace about 701,400 LED lamps within three years, basically achieving full coverage of LED lamps for road lighting in the city.

According to Taiwan's "China Times" report, Taiwan's economic authorities announced on September 21 the goal of the "Energy Conservation Strategy" for 2030. In terms of people's livelihood, energy-saving light bulbs will be eliminated in 2025 and all LED lights will be sold.

Relevant data show that the global LED lighting power supply market will reach US$8.866 billion in 2021. Affected by the expansion of demand in emerging fields such as downstream smart light poles, healthy lighting, and plant lighting, the LED lighting power supply market will expand in the next 3-5 years. will maintain steady growth. It is expected to reach US$12.167 billion in 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.21%.

LED can achieve this result because of its superior performance on the one hand, and on the other hand it is inseparable from the huge related demand chain behind the market. At present, the LED industry has received high attention in our country. The state has given policy support in many aspects such as industry norms and technologies, and has successively formulated the "14th Five-Year Plan for my country's National Economic and Social Development and 2035 Long-term Goals". , "Made in China 2025" and many other industrial policies that are conducive to industrial development have greatly boosted the confidence in industrial development and laid a solid foundation for the sustainable and optimized development of the industry.

As the country's investment in the field of LED semiconductors increases year by year, it will promote the development of various subdivisions of the LED industry.

Technology spawns intelligence, and intelligent service needs:

The development of science and technology liberates hands, which in turn creates more demands. For a more convenient life, intelligence emerges as the times require. In recent years, driven by technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, from traditional lighting based on tungsten lamps and gas discharge lamps to LED lighting based on semiconductor devices, it has gradually moved to a lighting system based on the Internet of Things. The era of intelligent lighting.

And the intelligent application of LED is also developing together. In the crossover, development and cooperation of many enterprises focusing on LED lighting, we can see that the intelligent application of LED is also expanding:

LED smart car lights: With the continuous advancement of automotive lighting technology, especially the popularity of LED light sources, as well as a large number of technological innovations in the field of sensors and algorithm processing, the more advanced headlight systems have been realized according to various complex road conditions. It has the function of adjusting diversified light patterns, and performs intelligent lighting actions such as multi-road mode switching, intelligent follow-up steering, automatic recognition of glare-free high beams for oncoming vehicles, road sign recognition, and pedestrian warning.

VLC positioning: VLC positioning technology can use the high frequency of LED to transmit digital signals, which can be used for indoor positioning and application services; it can directly integrate LED traditional lighting fixtures, while providing lighting, it can transmit signals through visible light and connect to indoor positioning and information transmission function; the light source is directional, and it is easy to realize high-precision positioning functions, etc. With various advantages, VLC can be applied in personnel location management, material location management, and information security communication applications.

Agricultural development: The advantages of using LED as an artificial light source to control plant growth are high energy conversion efficiency, DC power supply, small product size, long life, definite wavelength, adjustable light intensity/mass ratio and low heat output. Studies have shown that red light plays an important role in the development of photosynthetic organs in plants, and it can also increase the accumulation of starch on plants. At the same time, it has been reported that irradiating plants with far-infrared radiation can improve the oxidation resistance of rice husks. This suggests that specific light radiation can increase the nutritional content of foods.

The opening of the epidemic policy and the liberation of disinfection products:

Under the epidemic situation, UVC LED sterilization products are regarded as a "treasure" to protect personal health. In the past two years, air conditioners, air purifiers, humidifiers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, bathroom equipment, etc. have all become "franchising places" for UVC LEDs, greatly broadening the application range of UVC LEDs.

After the frenzy at the beginning of the epidemic, today's UVC LED germicidal products are gradually stabilizing. New progress has been made in deep ultraviolet LED industrialization technology this year. UVC LED single-chip optical output power reaches 104.54mW@350mA, and its operating voltage is 5.79V; under the condition of injection current 500mA, single-chip optical output power can reach 143.43mW. In terms of products, deep ultraviolet LED sterilization and water purification products have emerged in public scenes such as municipal water purification, hospitals, and large-scale event venues.

The lighting of different application scenarios such as home, classroom, office, hospital, etc. is being deeply integrated with health and intelligent technology. Scene-based lighting solutions are integrating factors such as basics, decoration, and health, and comprehensively considering them.

In addition to the layout of the enterprise, some major events or development trends of LED in 2022 also occupy an important position——

Winter Olympics: At the magnificent opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 Winter Olympics, LED displays such as giant LED floor tile screens, fantasy five rings, ice cubes, ice waterfalls, and snowflake-shaped torch stands showed the world breathtaking pictures. Therefore, the LED display is more "out of the circle" and is understood and deeply explored by more people.

Outdoor naked-eye 3D: In 2022, new LED display naked-eye 3D applications will continue to increase in the market. According to data, there have been more than 100 cases of LED display naked-eye 3D applications, becoming another eye-catching category in the segmented application field.

Metaverse: In 2022, the concept of "Metaverse" will emerge and gradually move towards application. In the LED display industry, "xR technology", as the interface between the industry and the Metaverse, will also usher in a new development this year. Data shows that the global XR film and television shooting-related market size will exceed US$3.2 billion in 2022. As the main display medium of xR technology, the LED display is the key hardware equipment for building an XR virtual studio, which also makes the LED display have further breakthroughs in product details such as refresh rate, grayscale, picture details, and color reproduction.

World Cup: In the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Chinese companies can be seen everywhere. In the field of LED display, nearly ten screen companies have provided display-related equipment for the World Cup. In major stadiums, from fence screens to scoring live broadcast screens , China's LED display enterprise strength display proves the strong existence of LED display.

After several ups and downs, although the future is still a shadow of water swaying in the waves, with the stability of the situation, LED, the originally inconspicuous water, will eventually flow into the vast sea, covering more areas and gaining a broader vision. develop.