The era of intelligent lighting 2.0 is coming

2023-02-16 15:56

"Voice-activated switches are the era of smart lighting 1.0, and the era of smart lighting 2.0 opened by the development of smartphones is like the process from a wired phone to a wireless phone. It is a complete experience and a mature ecosystem. The era of smart lighting 2.0 is the realization of products and consumption Upgraded products, while complying with living habits, should be smart and convenient.” said Mr. Zhou Chaoqun, the founder of Shang Ke Decoration.

According to public data, by 2020, smart lighting will account for 20% of the global lighting market. It is estimated that the scale will exceed 100 billion, and smart home lighting will become a new blue ocean in the future market.

Smart lighting is a blue ocean market

"With the advent of the LED era, from the perspective of energy saving, digital applications and consumption upgrade experience, the customization of intelligent lighting has huge development opportunities." Mr. Zhou Chaoqun said.

According to the "China Intelligent Lighting Industry Analysis Report" of the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, in 2016, the market size of the domestic intelligent lighting industry was about 12.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23%. Smart LED will iterate the traditional lighting market, so it will be a must in the future.

The Internet of Things is a relatively forward-looking industry in the future. Smart LEDs contain huge market potential. On the one hand, it is because the general trend of policies is good, and on the other hand, the "thinking" of the lighting industry is relatively slow. in a market economy.

"At present, in my country's market with an annual output value of more than 200 billion yuan, there is no dedicated lighting brand, which is an opportunity for start-up companies. In addition, although the world's more famous lighting companies are deploying digital applications and smart cities Lighting, such as landscapes, buildings, etc., but there is no focus on the layout of the family scene, and the largest market in the lighting field should be the home market. And most of the smart lighting exists in a single form, lacking a complete ecological chain solution.”

Why is smart home lighting not popular yet? On the one hand, consumer groups do not understand smart LED products, and merchants have low market awareness. Second, the products currently on the market cannot provide intelligent light control methods to meet people's needs. Most of the products are not only monotonous and cannot be adjusted in color, but smart but inconvenient. A small amount of intelligent lighting systems are expensive.

"The goal of Shangke Decoration is to solve the market pain points of the lighting industry and develop system-level intelligent lighting solutions."

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"The future development of smart home depends on two aspects. One is that the customization of smart home lighting should provide value to customers. Customers are willing to use it, and more and more people use it. Second, the entrance of smart home is actually diversified. Smart home Lighting can also be an entrance, but the ultimate goal is to make life simple and functional."

As far as the light source is concerned, the primary smart lighting products only have colored light panels and white light panels, while Philips only has light bulbs, spotlights, flexible light strips and ceiling lights, which can be decorated with rich categories and complete control modules. It is to provide system-level intelligent lighting solutions.