Smart Geometry Odd Light panel

2023-02-16 16:08

Smart Geometry Odd Light panel

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Button control|Voice control|Light moves with music|16 million colors

16 million colors light up your colorful life

The intelligent geometric splicing light has 16 million colors, and the gradient and flowing light is also a stunning highlight in life scenes. It makes it possible for you to play with a variety of brain holes, adjust your personalized light space, and present a wonderful vision. feel.

The light moves with the music to start your music party

The smart geometric mosaic light can pick up the sound of music played in the current environment, and at the same time dance and dance with the rhythm of the music with cool dynamic lights. The combination of vision and hearing, light and music let you deeply feel the happiness brought by each note, and you can start at home your music party.

Light and dark/cooling and heating stepless adjustment

Stepless adjustment of color temperature and brightness, 2200k-6500k color temperature from warm white to bright white, brightness from low light to bright light, to meet various life scenes. It can be used as the main light and the ambient light at the same time to enhance the light, or it can be used alone as the ambient background light, whether it is reading, watching movies or playing games, it can flexibly create a variety of family atmospheres.